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Congratulations on your engagement!  You've picked the perfect venue, picked your date, now it's time for the fun part - the planning!  Scary eh?
The good news is your ceremony won't be....  it will be amazing! 


We are Mandy & David, a Celebrant team based in Ayrshire  -  specialising in creating fun,  unique,  legal
wedding ceremonies thoughout South West Scotland.     We both absolutely LOVE meeting new people,  finding out their ‘story’ and sharing the excitement as they talk about their wedding plans....  then seeing their eyes light up as we tell them how we can start the day off with
the best ceremony they have ever been to - their own!

Plus, being TLC Faith Celebrants, we can include any content at all - including religeous content.  So whatever your beliefs, or even if you want
to just please Aunt Jean who thinks it’s not a really wedding anyway because it’s not in a church, we have you covered....

If you are looking for a fun,  personal ceremony that is laid back,  not too serious and most importantly; all about you  -  please get in touch!
We’d love to meet with you (without any obligation)  and discuss how we can create the perfect start to your perfect day. 


Hope to hear from you soon! 

David & Mandy

"I can’t even put into words how amazing this man is. He went above and beyond. Everyone was talking about the ceremony and how good it was. We had no doubt from the moment we first met David that we had to book him. On behalf of my Husband and I - THANKYOU very much. Xx"
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